What You Need To Know When Buying A Home In Metro Phoenix


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By the time you are out viewing houses, you’ve already gone through what seems like the hard part. You have determined your wants and needs with your agent, talked to lenders, and narrowed down your search to a few neighborhoods. Now comes the fun part­–– looking at homes every weekend! While it is exciting, it’s not as glamorous as depicted on HGTV. Strategic thinking remains vital from now until closing day. Continue reading for four little know house-hunting tips to give you the edge over the competition in the Greater Phoenix area.  

Don’t Take in Too Much at Once

House hunting is very different than shopping for anything else in life.  Such a significant investment and commitment can be overwhelming. An effective approach to keep a clear head and a good attitude is to limit the number of homes you will see in one outing. Viewing too many homes can be exhausting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned real estate agent, most of us do not have an eidetic memory. The need to see more homes in one day is a sign that you need to revisit your criteria and budget to narrow down your search parameters.

For a more pleasant experience and to keep you on track , don’t look at homes outside of your budget or areas you don’t want to live. At first, it’s okay to investigate different areas to identify where you want to buy, but you will quickly home in on where you will feel comfortable living. Trust your gut. After that, don’t waste time looking at homes in places you don’t want to live. Looking at less preferred areas or unrealistic houses just makes the process confusing and less enjoyable.

Take Notes and Photos

Even if you limit the number of homes you see in one day, you’ll still want to document what you have seen. You do not have to get a shot of every angle, but a good front and back picture, with a few detailed photos of the interior can help you remember features, amenities, and floor plans that will influence your decision.

I recommend getting a binder for the MLS printouts of the homes you liked and the ones you did not. Keep them in chronological order of when you saw them with the date you viewed them at the top. While you are inside the home, or right after, make sure to take specific and descriptive notes about each property on the printouts. Include surrounding factors such as schools, shopping, proximity to public transportation, nearby parks, and other amenities.

Use your phone to take photos of each house, starting with a photo of the address plate and then the front of the house. This way, you can keep them organized and match them to your notes later.

You Don’t Need Advice from Everyone

It’s natural to seek advice from family and friends when you are making one of the largest purchases of your life. Limit any feedback you receive to people whose opinions you value and think will contribute to a positive impact on your decision. Make sure you only take advice from people with recent experience making a similar purchase.

The housing market and home financing are continually and drastically changing. What worked for your co-worker 15 years ago may be irrelevant for you now and an unhelpful distraction in your current decision-making process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to buying a home. Your financial situation, criteria, and long- and short-term goals might be completely different from someone offering you advice. Trust your instincts and politely dismiss unsolicited advice. After all, YOU will be the one living in and paying the mortgage for this home year-after-year.

Take A Second Look

In a fast-paced market or a popular neighborhood, it’s important to stay proactive and take prompt action when you find a house you want to make an offer on. But make sure you are not acting too hastily. Going back to view the home a second time is a smart move so you can focus on specific aspects that you may have initially overlooked. You’ll be surprised at what you glossed over at the first visit.

In addition to the features of the house, take a second look at the neighborhood, as it can have a different ambiance during various times of the day. Viewing the home during and after work hours is ideal.

Here are some things to check for:

  1. Traffic noise and street congestion can change during and after work, as well as on the weekends.
  2. Activity Levels: Work hours may be peaceful, however, after work hours, the neighborhood comes alive with residents returning home, children playing outside, and people engaging in recreational activities.
  3. Parking Availability: During work hours, residents might find it easier to find parking spaces near their homes, as many cars are away at workplaces. After work hours, parking availability could become scarcer as people return home and occupy their parking spots.
  4. Business Activity: Some neighborhoods have a mix of residential and commercial areas. During work hours, commercial areas might be bustling with activity, while residential areas are relatively quieter. After work hours, the commercial areas might quiet down, and residents could visit local shops and restaurants, creating a more vibrant atmosphere.
  5. Public Transportation: The availability and frequency of public transportation can vary during work hours and after work.
  6. Lighting and Ambiance: The neighborhood’s vibe can vary during work hours and after dark. After work hours, streetlights and home lighting create a different ambiance, influencing the overall atmosphere of the neighborhood.

Taking in everything about a property at once can be overwhelming. Whether you have a strong positive feeling or lingering doubts about a certain home, consider scheduling a revisit to validate your feelings. This second look can provide the clarity you need to make the right decision confidently.

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I'm Kathleen and I love sharing the Arizona lifestyle by helping people who are relocating  to, or from, Arizona with their real estate needs. Let's talk about how I can help you make your real estate goals happen from wherever you are! 

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Hi, there!

I'm Kathleen and I love sharing the Arizona lifestyle by helping people who are relocating to, or from, Arizona with their real estate needs. Let's talk about how I can help you make your real estate goals happen from wherever you are! 

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